• The making of porus materials using explosiove compression, Excellent Award of Poster Competition, 2014 International Sympoisum on Nano Science and Technology
    • Evaluation of underwater discharge in small water container used in shock processing, The excellent poster session award, ISEM2014
    • Phenomena of the collision for metal plates accelerated by a powder gun, The exchellent poster session award, ISEM2014
    • Outstanding Reviewer: Journal of Controlled Release, November 2014, (in the top 10th percentile in terms of the number of reviews completed for Journal of Controlled Release in the past two years)
    • The 2nd International Symposium on Long-Period Stacking Ordered Structure and Its Related Materials 2014, (LPSO2014)
      Best Poster Award
      “Kink Band Formation in an 18R-LPSO Single Crystal in Bending Deformation”
      “Creep Behavior of Extruded Mg-Zn-Gd Alloy with the LPSO Phase-stimulated Texture”
      “Cyclic Hardening Behavior of Cast Mg-Zn-Y Alloys Containing Long-period Stacking Ordered Phase”