Computational Materials Science

Ab initio calculation : Core Faculty

Takao Tsumuraya
Associate Professor

First-principles calculations for understanding the origin of mechanical properties in Mg alloys

Crystal Plasticity : Affiliated Faculty

Tsuyoshi Mayama

Constitutive models based on crystal plasticity for clarifying a deformation behavior of Mg alloys

Materials Design

Alloy Design : Core Faculty,
Director of MRC

Yoshihito Kawamura

Alloy and Process design of Mg alloys

Alloy Design : Core Faculty

Takanori Kiguchi

Material development by microstructure evaluation and control of light metal materials

Alloy design : Core Faculty

Alexey Vinogradov
Distinguished Professor

Process Design : Core Faculty

Zenji Horita
Specially Appointed Professor

Severe plastic deformation, atom diffusion and microstructural characterization of KUMADAI Mg alloys

Process Design : Core Faculty

Takahisa Shiraishi
Associate Professor

Development of light metal materials by controlling alloy composition

Process Design : Core Faculty

Shinichi Inoue
Assistant Professor

Characteristics and analysis of non-flammable Mg alloys

Materials Manufacture

Melting & Casting : Core Faculty

Hiromoto Kitahara
Associate Professor

Deformation mechanism in Mg single crystal

Melting & Casting : Core Faculty

Soya Nishimoto
Assistant Professor

Evaluation of mechanical properties of Mg-based alloys

Forming : Affiliated Faculty

Yasuo Marumo

Deformation characteristics of Mg alloys

Forming : Affiliated Faculty

Kazuyuki Hokamoto

Dynamic processing of Mg alloys using impulsive pressure

Joining & Welding : Affiliated Faculty

Hidenori Terasaki

Joining of KUMADAI Mg alloys

Surface treatment : Core Faculty

Michiaki Yamasaki

Microstructure analysis and corrosion resistance

Manufacturing Digital Transformation : Core Faculty

Shinobu Satonaka
Specially Appointed Professor

Promotion of community collaboration projects

Manufacturing Digital Transformation : Affiliated Faculty

Makiko Kobayashi

Development of defect monitoring technology using ultrasonic waves

Materials Characterization and Evaluation

Fracture mechanics : Core Faculty,
Vice Director of MRC

Shinji Ando

Deformation mechanism in Mg single crystals

Fracture mechanics : Affiliated Faculty

Yoji Mine

Analysis of mechanical properties for transportation application by multi-scale material testing

Microstructure analysis : Affiliated Faculty

Sadahiro Tsurekawa

Creation of structural and functional materials with innovate functions based on grain boundary engineering

Visiting Professor

Osamu Tsukamoto
Japan Carbon Frontier Organization, Tokyo, Japan
Fumiaki Ikeno
Department of Medicine (Cardiovascular Medicine), Stanford University, CA, USA
Kunio Matsuzaki
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Tsukuba, Japan
Yoshiyuki Kouguchi
Kumamoto Institute Of Computer Software Co,Ltd., Kumamoto, Japan
Takayoshi Nakano
Osaka Universitiy, Osaka, Japan
Hiroaki Matsumoto
Kagawa University, Kagawa, Japan
Yutaka Sato
Tohoku University, Miyagi, Japan