Computational Materials Science

Ab initio calculation : Core Faculty

Takao Tsumuraya
Associate Professor

First-principles calculations for understanding the origin of mechanical properties in Mg alloys

Crystal Plasticity : Core Faculty

Tsuyoshi Mayama
Associate Professor

Constitutive models based on crystal plasticity for clarifying a deformation behavior of Mg alloys

Materials Design

Alloy Design : Core Faculty,
Director of MRC

Yoshihito Kawamura

Alloy and Process design of Mg alloys

Alloy Design : Core Faculty

Takanori Kiguchi

Material development by microstructure evaluation and control of light metal materials

Alloy design : Core Faculty

Alexey Vinogradov
Distinguished Professor

Process Design : Core Faculty

Zenji Horita
Specially Appointed Professor

Severe plastic deformation, atom diffusion and microstructural characterization of KUMADAI Mg alloys

Process Design : Core Faculty

Takahisa Shiraishi
Associate Professor

Development of light metal materials by controlling alloy composition

Process Design : Core Faculty

Shinichi Inoue
Assistant Professor

Characteristics and analysis of non-flammable Mg alloys

Materials Manufacture

Melting & Casting : Core Faculty

Hiromoto Kitahara
Associate Professor

Deformation mechanism in Mg single crystal

Forming : Affiliated Faculty

Yasuo Marumo

Deformation characteristics of Mg alloys

Forming : Affiliated Faculty

Kazuyuki Hokamoto

Dynamic processing of Mg alloys using impulsive pressure

Joining & Welding : Affiliated Faculty

Hidenori Terasaki

Joining of KUMADAI Mg alloys

Surface treatment : Core Faculty

Michiaki Yamasaki

Microstructure analysis and corrosion resistance

Manufacturing Digital Transformation : Core Faculty

Shinobu Satonaka
Specially Appointed Professor

Promotion of community collaboration projects

Manufacturing Digital Transformation : Affiliated Faculty

Makiko Kobayashi

Development of defect monitoring technology using ultrasonic waves

Materials Characterization and Evaluation

Fracture mechanics : Core Faculty,
Vice Director of MRC

Shinji Ando

Deformation mechanism in Mg single crystals

Fracture mechanics : Affiliated Faculty

Yoji Mine

Analysis of mechanical properties for transportation application by multi-scale material testing

Property Evaluation : Affiliated Faculty

Takuro Niidome

Medical applications of KUMADAI Mg alloys

Microstructure analysis : Affiliated Faculty

Sadahiro Tsurekawa

Creation of structural and functional materials with innovate functions based on grain boundary engineering