• International Conference on PROCESSING & MANUFACTURING OF ADVANCED MATERIALS Processing, Fabrication, Properties, Applications
    (Thermec 2023) @ Vienna, Austria, July 2-7, 2023
  • “Kink Strengthening of Mille-Feuille-Structured Mg-Zn-Y Alloys with Single Alpha-Mg Phase”
    Yoshihito Kawamura
  • “Microstructure evolution in Mg-Y- TM alloys examined by synchrotron radiation small-and wide- angle scattering and EXAFS”
    Hiroshi Okuda, Yoshiaki Maegawa, Taichi Shimada, Yoshihito Kawamura, Michiaki Yamasaki
  • “Kink band formation and subsequent deformation behavior in mille-feuille structured materials”
    Tsuyoshi Mayama, Koji Hagihara, Yuichi Tadano
  • “Ab-initio Molecular Dynamics Study on the Shear Viscosity and Icosahedral Cluster Formation in A Supercooled Liquid State of LPSO-type Mg–Zn–Y alloys”
    Takao Tsumuraya, Soya Nishimoto, and Yoshihito Kawamura