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The 51st Kyushu Magnesium Network Workshop

The 51st Kyushu Magnesium Network Workshop
“Plastic Deformation of Magnesium Alloys”
Co-organizer:JSPS Core-to-Core Program “Enhancement of Academic Network on Advanced Mg Alloys in the Yellow Sea Rim Region for Competition with North America and Europe”

Time & Date: November 28, 2013, Thurs.,13:30 – 17:10
Place: Room 203, 2F, Faculty of Engineering Research Building, Kurokami South Campus, Kumamoto University
Fee: Free for Kyushu Magnesium Network members
(10,000 yen for non-members participating for the first time. Please apply for membership for repeat participation in workshops.)

For inquiries: Kyushu Magnesium Network, Phone:096-324-3721


13:30 – 13:35
Opening Remarks: Prof. Shinji ANDO/Kumamoto University

13:35 – 14:15
“Experimental Study on Yield Surface and Deformation Mechanism of Extruded AZ31 Magnesium Alloy under Various Conditions”
Dr. Takamasa YOSHIKAWA/Mie University

14:15 – 14:55
“Enhanced ductility of cast magnesium alloys by high temperature hot pressing for a long time” Asso. Prof. Koichi KITAZONO/Tokyo Metropolitan University

14:55 – 15:15

15:15 – 15:55
“Numerical analysis of texture development and microstructure evolution due to plastic deformation in magnesium alloys”
Asso. Prof. Tsuyoshi MAYAMA/Kumamoto University

15:55 – 16:25
“Effects of Ce and extrusion speed on the microstructure and mechanical properties of ZK60 alloys”
Dr. Hui Yu/Korea Institute of Materials Science

16:25 – 17:05
“Low temperature extrusion and cold pre-forging of Mg-Sn based alloys”
Dr. Bong Sun You /Korea Institute of Materials Science

17:05 – 17:10
Closing Remarks: Prof. Yoshihito KAWAMURA/Kumamoto University

17:40 – 19:00
After-conference Party