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The 46th Kyushu Magnesium Network Workshop

The 46th Kyushu Magnesium Network Workshop
‘Mechanical properties of Mg alloys – existing Mg alloys and LPSO-type Mg alloys –‘

Time & Date: August 9, 2012 Thurs, 13:00 – 17:15
Place: 1st Floor Lecture Room, Academic Commons Kurokami Bldg. 1, Kurokami South Campus, Kumamoto University
Fee: Free for Kyushu Magnesium Network members
(10,000 yen for non-members participating for the first time. Please apply for membership for repeat participation in workshops.)

For details: Kyushu Magnesium Network website


13:00 – 13:05
Opening remarks: Asst. Prof. Hiromoto KITAHARA/Graduate School of Science and Technology, Kumamoto University

13:05 – 13:50
‘Toughening mechanism achieved by controlling hierarchical microstructures’
Dr. Hidetoshi SOMEKAWA/National Institute of Materials Science

13:50 – 14:35
‘Research and development towards improving room temperature formability of Mg alloy rolled stock’
Dr. Yasumasa CHINO/National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

14:35 – 14:55

14:55 – 15:40
‘Synchronized plastic deformation mechanism in LPSO phase, Mg alloy strengthening mechanism by LPSO phase’
Dr. Koji HAGIHARA/Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University

15:40 – 16:25
‘Deformation behavior in Kink deformation zone of Mg-Zn-Y type LPSO structure and geometrical features’
Prof. Michiaki YAMASAKI/MRC, Kumamoto University

16:25- 17:10
‘Transgranular azimuthal variation analysis in long period laminated structure phase by crystal plasticity finite element method’
Dr. Tsuyoshi MAYAMA/Priority Organization of Innovation and Excellence, Kumamoto University

17:10 – 17:15
Closing remarks: Prof. Shinji ANDO/MRC, Kumamoto University

17:45 – 18:45
After-conference Party