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3/18-21にIndian Institute of Scienceにて日印セミナー”Indo- Japan Joint Meeting “The Science and Technology of Light Metals with emphasis on Titanium Alloys””を開催いたしました。


Name Title
Prof. D. Banerjee Exploration of Titanium Alloy Physical Metallurgy and Mechanical Behaviour
Prof. Zenji Horita In situ structural analyses of Ti during severe plastic deformation under high pressures
Prof. Satyam Suwas Texture in Titanium alloys (TBA)
Prof. Takahisa Shiraishi Microstructure design of Ti alloys using slow cooling treatment
Prof. Praveen Kumar Microstructural Evolution and Creep behavior of Additively Manufactured near α Ti6242 Titanium alloy
Dr. Sureandra Kumar Makineni Alloy development, microstructural and mechanical properties of TiAl and Mg-Ce based alloys
Prof. Hiromoto Kitahara Observations of slip lines in pure titanium sheets
Prof. Vikram Jayaram The study of microtextured regions and room temperature creep through high throughput cantilever bending experiments in titanium alloys
Prof. Tsuyoshi Mayama Crystal plasticity analysis for non-uniform deformation behavior of dual phase Ti alloys
Prof. Kaushik Chatterjee Titanium Alloys for Orthopedic Applications
Prof. Alexey Vinogradov A mini-review of fatigue of ultrafine grained Titanium its alloys for bio-medical applications: achievements, challenges and perspectives
Prof. Yoshihito Kawamura Kink Strengthening of Mille-Feuille-Structured Alloys
Prof. Subodh Kumar Improving mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of Mg alloys
Dr. Ankur Chauhan Towards reducing tension-compression yield and cyclic asymmetry in pure magnesium and magnesium-aluminum alloy with cerium addition
Prof. K.Chattopadhyay Study on Al8Mn5 nanoprecipitation and C15 laves phases in heat treated Mg-Al-Ca-Mn alloy system