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12月18・19日、国立台湾大学MSEにて開催されました「Japan-Taiwan Advanced Light Metals [ Mg and Ti ] Fall Symposium 2023」にて発表を行いました。
・Zenji Horita, “Superplasticity of AZ61 alloy processed by high-pressure sliding (HPS)”
・Alexey Vinogradov, “A mini-review of fatigue of ultrafine grained Titanium and advanced Titanium alloys: achievements, challenges and perspectives”
・Takahisa Shiraishi, “Fabrication of Ti-Zralloys with periodic microstructure”
・Shinichi Inoue, “High-temperature oxidation behavior and nonflammability of Mg alloys”
・Takanori Kiguchi, “Introduction of Kumamoto University and Start-up of Titanium Alloy Researches”