Message from the Director of MRC

Magnesium is the lightest among structural metals, and is used for personal computers, mobile phones and other applications. In 2003, Kumamoto University developed an innovative magnesium alloy that is superior in both strength and heat resistance, called “KUMADAI Heat Resistant Magnesium Alloy”. This was followed by the development of “KUMADAI Non-flammable Magnesium Alloy” in 2012. The development of these alloys has been carefully followed by industries in Japan and around the world. Kumamoto University is currently advancing with the development of this material for expanded applications to bring advancements to a number of industries. The use of KUMADAI magnesium alloy in automobiles and airplanes, for example, enables reductions in carbon dioxide emissions and improvements in fuel efficiency due to reduced weight making KUMADAI magnesium alloy an “ecologically friendly material”.
With the aim of making Kumamoto University the R&D base for this magnesium alloy, the University has established the “Magnesium Research Center (MRC)” in order to enhance the development of human resources and material research.

Director of Magnesium Research Center Professor  Yoshihito KAWAMURA

Director of Magnesium Research Center

Yoshihito KAWAMURA

Expansion of advanced research on magnesium alloys

Kumamoto University is expanding basic research and applied research in order to make the best out of magnesium alloy properties, such as lightness, and support the development of practical alloys in the future.

Establishment of the YSR Mg Network

The Yellow Sea Rim Magnesium Network (YSR Mg Network) has been established as an academic base for the development of generic technology for manufacturing materials in East Asia based on MRC’s advanced technologies for high-performance Mg alloys.

Promotion of mutually-beneficial YSR international research through the establishment of an open laboratory

MRC has established an open laboratory and provides a study environment with cutting-edge experimental equipment. This is a place for joint research to be carried out with domestic or international researchers within the YSR Mg Network.

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