We have added the following new publications from MRC.

  • Hiromoto Kitahara, Michiaki Yamasaki, Masayuki Tsushida, Shiji Ando, Yoshihito Kawamura, “Dynamically Recrystallized Structure and Mechanical Properties of Mg96Zn2Y2 Alloys Deformed by ECAP”, Materials Transactions, 62(9) 1304-1310 (2021).

  • Takao Tsumuraya, Ikumu Watanabe, Takahiro Sawaguchi,
    “Origin of phase stability in Fe with long-period stacking order as an intermediate phase in cyclic γ-ε martensitic transformation”, Phys. Rev. Research, 3 033215 (2021).

  • Haruka Miyano, Keisuke Takemoto, Masayuki Tsushida, Hiromoto Kitahara, Shiji Ando,
    “Evaluation of Non-Basal Slip Activity in Rolled Mg-Li Alloys”, Materials Transactions, 62(8) 1097-1101 (2021).

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